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NEW JAMES BLAKE: “Retrograde”

The prince of Post-Dubstep is back and from the sound of it better than ever…

After seemingly dissapearing from the scene for the latter half of 2012 it seems Blake is back and bringing exactly what our ears have been yearning for this whole time. Retrograde, the first single to be released from James’ forthcoming album, recalls the transcendent builds and yearning discordant melodies of the artists sublime self-titled debut album. We begin with the singers voice layered atop a melancholic piano loop and the song climaxes with layers of whiny synths and Blake singing at his most soulful, crooning:

“Suddenly I’m hit 
Is this darkness of the dawn?”

…and leaving us with the question:

“So show me where you fit”

James evokes a feeling of magnetism, of being pulled into the orbit of someone that you cant break free of, and all the consuming madness that comes with it. The evocative lyrics combined with James’ ear for sedated production and aesthetically pleasing discord add up to make Retrograde one of the best new tracks we’ve heard this winter season, and is perhaps the sexiest of the lot (sorry Shlohmo). It certainly lives up to its title, as it feels like its pulling you backwards into a world that consits of throbbing strobe lights and time that moves in slow-motion. At first you want to resist but once the song hits its stride you couldnt imagine any trajectory other than being in its pull. Give it a listen and tell us what you think, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.